Xtalks: Implementing Clinical Trial Analytics to Predict Trial Outcomes

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May 30, 2023, 5:31 PM EDT


Imagine being able to predict the future of clinical trials. What if you could foresee the outcomes of your trials, understand the potential roadblocks, and strategize accordingly? On May 16, we took a step closer to this reality.

In an event titled "Implementing Clinical Trial Analytics to Predict Trial Outcomes," we explored the transformative power of predictive analytics in clinical trials. The webinar featured industry leaders Rohit Nambisan, CEO of Lokavant, and Dr. Bill Symonds, CEO of Enzyvant, who shared their valuable insights.

The discussions revolved around the challenges and benefits of using clinical trial analytics and data management systems in large and smaller multinational companies. Rohit Nambisan explained the common issues in clinical trials, including fragmented data, insights, and stakeholders, which can impact trial efficiency and the ability to leverage historical experience.

Our speakers provided valuable insights through four case studies, covering all aspects of applying analytics to a study - from operational and technical implementation to return on investment (ROI) and key performance indicators (KPIs). They highlighted how Lokavant's platform, using machine learning-based enrollment forecasting models, helps address these issues by generating forecasts based on similar historical studies and presenting uniform real-time dashboards for users.

The conversation also focused on leveraging data and analytics tools to improve clinical trial efficiency, enrollment forecasting, medical monitoring, vendor oversight, and study planning. Rohit Nambisan introduced an analytics maturity model that progresses from descriptive to prescriptive analytics, providing significant value without the need for complex interpretation or hiring data scientists and analysts.

If you missed the event, we've got you covered. Below is an edited video from the presentation, allowing you to catch up on the insights shared.

At Lokavant, we're committed to driving technological innovation and implementing data-driven solutions. We believe in the power of predictive data analytics and its potential to shape the future of clinical trials. Stay tuned for more insightful events in the future!

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