Note to File Podcast with Rohit Nambisan

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May 26, 2023, 3:10 PM EDT

Note to File Podcast Ep.84 with Rohit Nambisan

In the latest episode of Brad Hightower's Note to File Podcast, Lokavant CEO Rohit Nambisan engaged in an enlightening conversation about the evolution of clinical trials. The discussion was comprehensive, touching upon key issues such as fragmentation amongst study stakeholders, the importance of real-time data irrespective of its source, and the increasing impact of decentralized clinical trials.

A significant part of the conversation was dedicated to the issue of fragmentation among study stakeholders. Rohit offered an insightful look into this challenge, explaining how such fragmentation complicates the execution and success of clinical trials. With the strategies that Lokavant is implementing to address this, he illustrated the essential role of coordination and effective communication between various stakeholders in driving the success of clinical trials.

Rohit then delved into the crucial role of real-time, source-agnostic data in clinical trials. With his deep understanding of data's value, Rohit illustrated how such data improves decision-making processes and mitigates risks during trials. The conversation underscored the importance of advanced data analytics, as utilized by Lokavant, in making critical data readily accessible and actionable.

The conversation then shifted to decentralized clinical trials, a trend gaining momentum after recent global health events. Rohit shared his perspectives on this shift, expounding on how this trend increases the variety and volume of data generated. While this influx of diverse data sources presents new challenges, Rohit discussed the innovative strategies Lokavant employs to manage and analyze this data efficiently, turning potential challenges into opportunities.

Rohit's discussion with Brad provides a comprehensive view of the evolution of the clinical trial landscape. The insights Rohit shared highlight the innovative work Lokavant is doing and demonstrate the need for a data-driven and proactive approach to navigate the complexities and seize the opportunities of modern clinical trials.

This episode offers invaluable insights for anyone seeking to understand the industry's current challenges, trends, and future directions. It is a testament to Brad's ability to foster insightful conversations that propel the industry forward. We strongly recommend tuning in to this insightful episode and joining the ongoing discourse about the future of clinical trials.

In an industry as dynamic as clinical trials, staying informed is key to success. Lokavant, guided by leaders like Rohit, is not merely keeping up with these changes but leading the way in transforming clinical trials through data-driven strategies and innovative solutions. We invite you to listen to this insightful episode to share its rich insights.

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