Expansion across RWD and why the industry needs to be wary of Al

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September 1, 2023, 2:07 PM EDT

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Rohit Nambisam is CEO of Lokavant, OSP caught up with him at DIA Global in Boston earlier this summer to find out more about him and the work he is passionate about.

He is a neuroscientist by training. He spent ten years in academic and clinical research before moving into the clinical software industry for the last 18 years. He has worked in most areas of healthcare and technology.

In one life he worked in hospital and healthcare delivery developing large software systems. He has always supported meaningful, useful initiatives like clinical survey software, patient portals for hospitals. In another life he worked in pharma for Novartis.

After Novartis, he moved to Roivant for 8 years. He has helped launch different start-ups including some out of Israel that are focused on hospital healthcare.

He is very much focused on research and development (R&D and life sciences.

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