Lokavant Teams with ERGOMED's Rare Disease Clinical Innovation Center™

Lokavant has partnered with ERGOMED as the latest addition to the Center's best-in-class solutions
Lokavant's Clinical Trial Intelligence Platform Improves Planning and Feasibility for Rare Disease Clinical Trials
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April 19, 2022, 4:00 PM EDT

NEW YORK, April 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Lokavant, a leading clinical trial intelligence company, has partnered with global clinical research organization ERGOMED plc (LSE: ERGO), and its recently launched ERGOMED Rare Disease Clinical Innovation Center™, as the latest addition to the Center's best-in-class solutions. Lokavant Oversight is a clinical trial intelligence platform that uncovers key insights, improving the time, cost, and quality of trial planning and execution.

Lokavant's partnership with ERGOMED will initially focus on providing the Center an advanced analytics platform to rapidly and accurately plan studies in rare and ultra-rare indications. This solution is part of Lokavant's Oversight platform, which aggregates and harmonizes data from disparate trial sources, including Lokavant's proprietary compendium of deep operational data from over 2,000 trials. Oversight surfaces these sophisticated analytics to study teams and executives via a suite of connected applications empowering users to proactively manage their studies and drive efficiencies from study planning to execution.

Approximately one-third of all therapeutics under development is for rare diseases. The ERGOMED Rare Disease Clinical Innovation Center™ is a consortium of industry leading experts who offer strategic guidance and tailored technology solutions to sponsors focused on rare disease drug development. The Center also employs ERGOMED's Site Advantage™ operating model, which is specifically designed to provide specialized support to research sites and patients participating in rare disease clinical research.

Lokavant and Ergomed will explore new use cases on the Oversight platform, such as creating comprehensive site analytics. By integrating the Center's multiple technology solution providers to create a single source of truth, clinical trial teams will be able to use predictive analytics to proactively manage their studies. Moreover, as ERGOMED continues to augment its experience in the rare disease space, Lokavant's platform can harmonize historical and concurrent data in real-time. In addition to their leading operational expertise in rare disease, ERGOMED will have a differentiated rare disease data asset to support operator experience with actionable, data-driven insights.

"The aim of our Rare Disease Innovation Center™ is to help sponsors overcome the many challenges in rare disease drug development. Sponsors can leverage ERGOMED's experience in conducting hundreds of rare disease studies in conjunction with innovative tools and approaches from our industry partners," said Zizi Uzezi Imatorbhebhe, MBA, MS, PMP®, Senior Vice President, Global Strategy and Development, Head Rare Disease Innovation Center™, ERGOMED. "Lokavant's Oversight Platform, with its predictive analytics and ability to integrate multiple sources of data into a single source of truth, offers a valuable addition to the Center's capabilities for improving the efficiency, quality, and patient-centricity of rare disease clinical trials."

About the ERGOMED Rare Disease Innovation Center™

The ERGOMED Rare Disease Innovation Center™ helps biotechnology and pharma sponsors focused on rare disease: Strategically guide and plan their rare disease drug development program to avoid pitfalls and leverage innovative approaches. Design more intelligent clinical trials by optimizing their protocol, trial design, assessing study feasibility and performance analytics to predict key milestones and scenario analyses. Adopt the right innovations such as decentralization and other technologies to identify and retain rare disease patients. Utilize its Site Advantage ™ operational model to deliver its Rare Disease studies. Leverage its ERGOMED Patient First™ approach to reduce patient burden in clinical trial participation and ensure that the voice of the patient is captured and incorporated throughout the clinical development lifecycle. 


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About Lokavant
Lokavant is a clinical intelligence platform that improves the time, cost, and quality of trial execution through its data-driven analytics platform. Lokavant's platform aggregates and integrates real-time data from disparate trial data sources, and powers advanced analytics enabled by its compendium of proprietary trial data. The suite of applications built on the platform allows study teams to proactively manage their studies, and surfaces insights, driving efficiencies in all scientific and operational use cases. For more information, please visit our website at