Making Rare Connections in Rare Conditions: Forecasting Study Performance in rare disease with AI

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March 6, 2024, 10:06 AM EST

Embarking into the new frontier of clinical research, rare diseases, niche indications and limited resources for small study teams will increasingly become the norm. As challenges increase, AI will help reduce burden and improve efficiency for these study teams by helping pinpoint suitable patients and investigators for specific studies from RWD with remarkable speed.​

During the 2024 SCOPE Summit, CEO Rohit Nambisan shares how AI emerges not only as a tool, but as an engine of opportunity, enabling smaller research teams to compete on the global stage with limited resources. ​

Rohit discusses three use cases where Lokavant’s PRIZM-fueled platform is helping customers gain insights into their trials and making a significant difference using our Study Forecasting, Study Launch and Study Oversight modules.




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